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Review meeting of ASHA functionality held at Srinagar

Srinagar 14 February; A quarterly review meeting of ASHA Functionality of Kashmir Division was held at Srinagar today. The meeting was held under the Co- Chairmanship of Dr Yashpal Sharma, Mission Director, NHM, J&K and Dr Saleem Ur Rehman, Director Health Services Kashmir.

It was informed by Dr Yashpal Sharma that the success of National Health Mission to great extent depends on performance of ASHA and her linkage with functional health system. He said, the health system has to give due recognition to ASHA and take prompt action on the referrals made by her; otherwise the system cannot be sustained. Every ASHA must be familiar with the identified functional health facility in the respective area where she can refer or escort the patients for specific services.

Mission Director asked the participants to ensure Assured Monthly Performance Incentive (AMPI) of Rs 1,000 per month for each ASHA are given to them on timely manner. These activities are mobilising and attending Village Health and Nutrition Day for which she gets Rs 200, convening and guiding Village Health, Sanitation and Nutrition Committee meeting for which she is paid Rs 150, attending Primary Health Centre review meeting that earns her Rs 150 and carrying out and recording all activities related to mother and child health, including contraception, ante and post-natal care from which she can earn Rs 500.

The package has been designed in such a way that if an ASHA performs some basic activities, she will take home a minimum of Rs 1,000 every month. Monetary incentives for some of these activities have been enhanced like under Pulse Polio Programme, the benefit has been increased from the present Rs 75 to Rs 100 (per ASHA). But this basic package will be available to her only if she performs these basic activities,’’ Dr Yashpal Sharma, Mission Director, National Health Mission, J&K added

Dr Saleem Ur Rehman, Director Health Servies Kashmir laid stress upon the State ASHA Trainers, District Programme Managers, District ASHA Coordinators & District M&E Officers to ensure that meeting at Block level are being held regulary and there is proper coordination between the different functionaries at districts .

The meeting was attended by Dr. Jitender Mehta, Programme Manager, ASHA CP&IC, Dr. Ajay Khajuria, Project Officer ASHA, Officers of State Health Society and District Monitors of Kashmir Division.