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RKSK (Rashtriya Kishore Swasthya Karyakaram)

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has launched a new health programme for adolescents - Rashtriya Kishore Swasthya Karyakaram (RKSK) to target adolescents in the age group of 10-19 years.

Target Groups:

The new adolescent health (AH) strategy focuses on age groups 10-14 years and 15-19 years with universal coverage, i.e. males and females; urban and rural; in school and out of school; married and unmarried; and vulnerable and underserved.


  • Improve Nutrition
  • Enable Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • Enhance Mental Health
  • Prevent injuries and violence
  • Prevent substance misuse
  • Address conditions for NCDS


  • Community Based intervention
  • Facility Based Intervention
  • Convergence
  • Social and Behaviour Change Communication

Service Delivery Activities:

  • Menstrual Hygiene Programme
  • Weekly and Folic Acid Supplementation programme (WIFS)
  • SABLA Programme

Six Strategic priorities and 7Cs:
To implement the scheme, 7 critical components (7Cs) needs to be ensured across all programme areas. These components are: - Coverage, Content, Communities, Clinics, Counselling, Communication and Convergence. The six strategic priority areas that have emerged from situational analysis of adolescent health and development needs are: - Nutrition, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Non – Communicable Diseases (NCD), Substance Misuse, Injuries and Violence (including gender based violence) and Mental Health.