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Nutrient Supplementation

Supplementation with micronutrients through supplies of Vitamin A & iron supplements

Vitamin – A:
• The policy has been revised with the objective of decreasing the prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency to levels below 0.5%, the strategy being implemented is:

  • 1,00,000 IU dose of Vitamin A is being given at nine months
  • Vitamin A dose of 2,00,000 IU (after 9 months) at six monthly intervals up to five years of age
  • All cases of severe malnutrition to be given one additional dose of Vitamin A

Coverage with Vitamin A

CES (2009)

DLHS-3 (2007-08)

NFHS-3 (2005-06)

Children 9 months and above who have received at least one dose of Vitamin A

65.4 %




Iron and Folic Acid supplementation:

  • To manage the widespread prevalence of anaemia in the country, the policy has been revised.
  • Infants from the age of 6 months onwards up to the age of five years shall receive iron supplements in liquid formulation in doses of 20mg elemental iron and 100mcg folic acid per day per child for 100 days in a year.
  • Children 6-10 years of age shall receive iron in the dosage of 30 mg elemental iron and 250mcg folic acid for 100 days in a year.
  • Children above this age group would receive iron supplements in the adult dose