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Guidelines (Maternal Health)

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Guidelines for Obstetric HDU and ICU
Operational Guidelines for Obstetric ICUs and HDUs
Guidance Note on Operationalization of Dakshata in New States
Labor Room Guideline
LaQshya-Labour Room Quality Improvement Initiative
Guidelines for Maternal Death Surveillance & Response
CAC Operational Guidelines
CAC Providers Manual
CAC Trainers Manual
National Guidelines for Deworming in Pregnancy
Screening for Syphilis during Pregnancy
Operational Guideline - Pre-Service Education for the Nursing and Midwifery Cadre in India
Maternal death Review User Manual
Maternal and Newborn Health Toolkit
Skills lab Operational guidelines
Skills Lab Training Manual for RMNCH+A Services
Operational Guidelines & Reference Manual on Prevention of Postpartum Haemorrhage through Community Based Distribution of Misoprostol
Comprehensive Abortion Care Training & Service Delivery Guidelines
Budgetary norms for FP training programmes 2013-14
Guidelines for Accreditation of PHFs for conducting SBA Training
Guidelines for Accreditation of PHFs for RCH Services
Maternal Death Review Guidebook
MCP Card
SBA Guidelines for Skilled Attendance at Birth
SBA Handbook for ANM LHV and SN
SBA Quality Protocol Posters for Sub-district level health facilities (below DH level)
Protocol posters from FRU to MC
SBA Trainers Guide for ANMs LHVs and SNs
Trainees Handbook for Training of MOs in preg care
Trainers Guide for Training of MOs in preg. Care
My Safe Motherhood Booklet- English
My Safe Motherhood Booklet- Hindi
Village Health & Nutrition Days
24 hrs PHCs Guidelines


Anesthesia Guidelines
Guidelines on Blood Storage Unit
Guidelines on Operationalizing FRU
Guidelines for Operationalizing SBA Training in RCH ll


Operational Guidelines for RTI/STIs Services
Handout for Medical Officers
Facilitator's Guide for Medical Officers
Handout for Nursing Personnel
Facilitator's Guide for Nursing Personnel
Handout for Laboratory Technicians
Facilitator's Guide for for Laboratory Technicians