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Monitoring & Evaluation(HMIS/MCTS/IT )

The State Programme Management Unit monitors and evaluates the progress of different services offered under various flagship schemes of National Health Mission across state. The prime focus is on tracking service delivery, trends of various health indicators across the state which helps in evaluating the overall efficacy of the NHM schemes at ground level. The data is collected, compiled & uploaded at block and district levels. This data plays a vital role in assessing the status of different health indicators and provides valuable insights on healthcare scenario of state. This status check and performance evaluation of the health indicators is of vital importance in policy formulation and helps a great deal in effective planning.

The two main monitoring applications are HMIS & MCTS:

HMIS (Health Management Information System)
HMIS is a web- based MIS (Management Information System) of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India, used to capture both in online and offline mode. It is an integration of health related information across ongoing programmes. Key health indicators are available at national/state/district/sub-district level. The reports of HMIS are also available in Public Domain.

Key objectives and benefits:
• Ease of Accessibility and Use of information
• Better Monitoring & Evaluation of Health Programs
• Provide key inputs to Health Policy formulation and interventions
• Improve quality of data reporting and analysis

HMIS can be accessed on www.nrhm-mis.nic.in

MCTS (Mother & Child Tracking System)
MCTS is a centralized web based application for improving delivery of health care services to pregnant women and children up to five years of age. It ensures name based tracking of each beneficiary and monitoring service delivery for timely service delivery.

• All pregnant women should receive their:
    → Full Ante Natal Care (ANCs) services at due time
    → Full Post Natal Care (PNCs) services at due time
• Encourage institutional delivery particularly of high risk mothers
• All children should receive their full immunisation at due time
Data is captured at state, district, and block levels. The details captured include beneficiary identification, health provider details, services delivery details for both beneficiary mothers and children including immunization.

MCTS can be accesses on www.nrhm-mcts.nic.in