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Family Planning

“The mission of the National Family Planning Program is that all women and men (in reproductive age group) in India will have knowledge of and access to comprehensive range of family planning services, therefore enabling families to plan and space their children to improve the health of women and children”.

Guiding Principles:
Target-free approach based on unmet needs for contraception; equal emphasis on spacing and limiting methods; promoting ‘children by choice’ in the context of reproductive health.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • % IUD inserted against Expected Level of Achievement.
  • % PPIUCD inserted against institutional deliveries.
  • % PPIUCD inserted against total IUCD.
  • % of sterilisations conducted against Expected Level Achievement.
  • % Post-partum sterilisations against total female sterilisations.
  • % of male sterilisations out of total sterilisations conducted.
  • % facilities delivering FDS services against planned.
  • % of personnel trained against planned.
  • % point decline in unmet need.
  • Point decline in TFR.
  • % utilization of funds against approved.

The State has achieved the target of reduction of Total Fertility Rate (FTR) to 1.9 (SRS 2010) against the target of TFR to 2.1 to 2012. Family Planning Programme is being strengthened by distribution of condoms/contraceptives through ASHAs at village level at the door steps of needy clients. It will not only help in avoiding unwanted pregnancies but also protection against HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. The scheme is being implemented in all districts of the State.