In continuation of the RCH II programme, launched in 2005, the Programme Implementation Plan for 2007-08 for Jammu and Kashmir aims to reduce the incidence of maternal and infant deaths. It also aims to stabilize the population by decreasing the total fertility rate, which at present is 2.38, according to NFHS 3. The programme targets to bring down the fertility rate to 2.1 by the end of the programme period in 2010.

The technical strategies of this PIP have been designed to improve preventive healthcare in natal, ante-natal and post-natal services. It envisages better essential newborn care and management of communicable diseases in children. It also focuses on the health of specific population groups like people living in urban slums, adolescents, tribal and other vulnerable groups.

The institutional component of this PIP focuses on strengthening and operationalising the healthcare system through upgradation of infrastructure, recruitment and capacity building of manpower, increasing the availability of equipment, drugs and other supplies. The plan also aims to improve monitoring and overall management of the RCH programme.

Special emphasis has also been given to overarching issues like gender, equity and intersectoral coordination. The plan addresses the acute shortage of trained technical personnel like medical officers, staff nurses and ANMs by making the positions more attractive, particularly for positions in far-flung areas.

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